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intro to kundalini yoga w/ Emma Down

  • Kindred Yoga Unit D, Norfolk House, Brookmill Rd London, SE8 4HL England (map)
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If you like your physical exercise to come with a side of spiritual enlightenment, kundalini yoga might be for you.

Going to a class today feels so fresh, relevant and forward thinking, you would think it was a hybrid Eastern-Western concept developed specifically for the 21st Century.

‘Kundalini’ is an ancient Sanskrit word that literally means ‘coiled snake’. In early Eastern religion (long before Buddhism and Hinduism) it was believed that each individual possessed a divine energy at the base of the spine. This energy was thought to be the sacred energy of creation. This energy is something we are born with, but we must make an effort to ‘uncoil the snake’ thereby putting us in direct contact with the divine. Kundalini Yoga is the practice of awakening our Higher Self and turning potential energy into kinetic energy.

This form of yoga is a dynamic, powerful practice to establish and maintain an aligned relationship between the mind, body and spirit. Kundalini Yoga gives people the tools to optimise energy levels, restore vitality, strengthen the nervous system, balance the glandular system and (re)connect to our essential self. Classes include sequences of postures (kriyas), breath work, meditation, mudra hand positions and mantra.

This beginners workshop will give you the confidence to attend kundalini yoga classes and workshops. You can talk to Emma about starting your own daily practice and learn about simple techniques to enhance your everyday experience.