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advancing with grace w/ David Kam & Nicolai Boas

  • Kindred yoga ltd unit d, norfolk house london United Kingdom (map)

How does the concept of grace come into play on the mat?

Explore soft, fluid movement transitions through dissecting the anatomy and kinesiology of the human physique. Specific techniques and alignment cues both within movement and static action will serve as theoretical entry points towards the internal practice of presence.

Join Nicolai and David in gracefully moving around the mat, tackling creative transitions even amongst the more advanced of poses. 


More about Nicolai…

Nicolai is a true technique junkie, and philosophy nerd.
His classes, workshops and trainings have a high focus on heightening the body awareness and ability within his students. Through personalised alignment and isometrical engagement principles in regards to physical support and foundation building, poses are transformed into an internal experience of body instead of only serving as an aesthetic point of direction. His practice bares clear inspiration from both classical asthanga vinyasa and anusara, yet hits of techniques from modern dance and different street styles often sneaks its way in to the practice.

For Nicolai it is important to empower his students in taking ownership and finding their personal practice through exploring classic as well as modern takes on yoga, yet there is no doubt for Nicolai about how Yoga comes to serve as a guiding principle of his life on and off the mat. It is the practice of reconnecting to the true self by confining personal reaction patterns and ways of sense making often through a physical and explorative practice.

Nicolai is normally found teaching at one of his studios in Copenhagen unless he is out visiting other studios or hosting retreats somewhere in the world, sharing his love and passion for yoga.