yoga classes at kindred


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Here are the different styles of yoga that we offer at kindred. If there are any classes you would like to see taught at the studio then please do let us know.

Please let your teacher know if you are a beginner or have anything else you want to raise with them before taking your class. We want you to have the most enjoyable experience possible.

beginner’s yoga

Learn the foundations of the yoga practice in a playful and supporting environment.  From this class you will gain the confidence and strength to continue on with your yoga practice.

dynamic vinyasa flow

Dynamic Vinyasa flow is a playful practice that links movement with breath in one smooth continuous sequence. In this class you will be led from one pose to another through your inhale and exhale, creating heat inside the body and a stillness in the mind. The practice changes with each teacher meaning each time you come to the mat you will experience something new, fun and original.

Our Kindred community class will usually be a vinyasa flow in style. This class is open to everyone, with lots of modifications and options to suit all levels so please come with an open mind ready to move and breathe.

Teachers vary from week to week so please check our social media @kindredyogalife for updates. These classes are often taught by newly qualified teachers or those not on our current timetable, we really value your opinion so will email for your feedback after the class.

Our community classes are donation based with all proceeds going to our chosen charity. Please donate when booking or choose the free booking option and give what you can on the day.

community class


Founded by Brazilian Sri Dharma Mittra, Dharma yoga is a strong physical and mental practice that will increase your mobility, flexibility and strength. While not for the faint-hearted, Dharma yoga is a devotional practice that emphasises good health, a clear mind and a kind heart.



Founded by Sharon Gannon and David Life in New York City in 1984, Jivamukti classes integrate the physical, psychological and spiritual aspects of yoga. Classes include vinyasa-based asana practice, hands-on adjustments, breath awareness, meditation and deep relaxation. Classes are themed and supported by Sanskrit chanting, eclectic music, readings and references to philosophical texts.

mandala vinyasa

A playful and dynamic practice, moving 360 degrees around the mat, softly flowing through strong poses and inversions to the rhythm of the breath. The sequences are designed to target specific areas of the body corresponding to the element, and related chakra, of the day as per the Mayan calendar. The class will begin and close and with yin postures to compliment the subtle and physical body.  A creative Vinyasa practice to satisfy and challenge the body and mind!


A post natal class is the perfect way to stretch, rebalance and undo any tension held in the body after child birth. Through mindful breathing and synchronized yoga poses, you will re-tone and strengthen the abdomen and pelvic floor whilst using the breath to rejuvenate energy and relieve the early stresses of being a mum.

This class is aimed at a healing nourishing practice promoting postural awareness and inner pelvic health allowing new mum’s to leave the studio feeling strong, relaxed, supported and replenished. This is an opportunity to meet other local mum’s and share your yoga with your baby. Changing, feeding, nursing and playing is welcome throughout. The class is open to mums 6 weeks post-birth/8 weeks after C-section (you must have been given the go ahead from your GP) and to all pre-crawling babies.


Prenatal yoga is a style designed for the physical and emotional needs of Mums-to-be. It is a wonderful way to stay active during your pregnancy and is complementary to your existing yoga practice, if you have one. These classes help relieve any pregnancy related aches and pains and encourage bonding with your baby bump, preparing you for an active labour and birth. As well as yoga postures, you will learn useful birthing positions, helpful breathing meditations, visualisations and pelvic floor exercises. These classes will help you stay comfortable, balanced and calm throughout pregnancy and give you tools to feel prepared, empowered and positive for birth and motherhood. Suitable for 14 weeks plus.


As the name suggests, this class is all about slowing down, unwinding and destressing, so that you can calm and reset your entire body and mind. Throughout the practice your body will be supported by props (bolsters, blocks, blankets and eye masks) allowing you to relax deeply as you hold poses for 5 minutes or more.  Savasana on another level!


This energetic and invigorating practice has its roots from Ashtanga vinyasa. You will have the opportunity to try advanced postures such as arm balances and inversions but modifications will be given if that isn’t your thing. Linking breath and movement, this dynamic class will leave you with a sense of achievement. Come with an open and playful mind; leave your ego at the door and don't be afraid to fly or fall!

soul flow fridays

A 60 minute class designed to unravel and release the working week. You can expect to explore mindful movement, intelligent breath work, a restorative posture and deep savasana to set you up for a relaxing weekend.

vinyasa flow

This is a slowed down version of our dynamic vinyasa flow . Still expect to move and hold strong postures but at a steadier pace.

yin yang

YinYang brings together the energies of the sun and the moon, the masculine and the feminine, the light and the shade. This class will blend slow, long, deep poses (Yin), that calm the nervous system with dynamic sequences and standing postures (Yang), to strengthen and warm the body. This brings an overall balance and harmony to your practice.


A stilling practice that cultivates a deep sense of awareness through the release of mind and body stresses. An antidote to urban life, Yin focuses on releasing the connective tissue of the body (tendons, ligaments and fascia). Poses are held for long periods, allowing the student to relax as they express patience and quiet.
Open to all levels from complete beginners to more experienced students.