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adrianna zaccardi

Adrianna’s teaching style is an expression of her spirit and invites you to connect with yours each time you come to your practice.

Her highest commitment is to create a space for you to cultivate deep knowingness by listening to the wisdom and intelligence of your body, and trusting what you discover.

Rooted in imagery based alignment, both Adrianna’s flow and restorative yoga classes are mindful, playful, and sincerely encourage your natural yearning for curiosity, exploration, and for self-reflection, whilst recognising and facilitating your desire for connection within your body.

Through your practice you can return to a place of understanding and acceptance where your whole world begins to open, and your ability to see yourself clearly transforms the way you see everything else.


Ben Harrison-at-kindred.jpg

ben harrison

Ben is a London based aerial and vinyasa flow yoga teacher with a background as a fighter and ultra marathon runner. Ben's approach for yoga focusses on physical alignment and creating efficient progress in the yoga asanas. 

Classes are also a practice in bodily alchemy - how we can manipulate neuro transmitters, our nervous system and change biochemistry with the different poses. Ben's classes tend to involve hand balancing and core activation in an energetic flow that is accessible for all levels. 

In his spare time Ben is usually doing yoga, gymnastics or some other type of moving practice. He also enjoys reading stoic philosophy, drinking coffee and taking naps.



connie crawford

Connie first discovered dynamic yoga about 4 years ago and has never looked back. For Connie, moving with the breath is so much more powerful than the sum of its parts and it’s the transformational nature of yoga - physically, emotionally and spiritually - that brings her back to the mat nearly everyday. No longer being content with fitting her next level yoga addiction around work, Connie has recently transitioned from her life as a city lawyer to teaching yoga full time. Having trained in Ashtanga Vinyasa and Rocket with The Yoga People and David Kyle, you can join Connie for fiery, playful flows with a strong focus on the breath.

www.conniecrawfordyoga.com | @conniecrawfordyoga

Dave Pearce-at-kindred.jpg

david pearce

David completed his 200 hour teacher training with The Yoga People in Ashtanga Vinyasa and Rocket, then furthered this with 100 hours of Advanced Rocket training with David Kyle. He found balance in his practice and teaching by completing a 100h Yin training, and the marriage of Yin and Yang with a 100h Mandala Vinyasa training, both again with The Yoga People.

Most recently David completed his 500 hours with The Yoga People with 100h Yin and Anatomy Applied to Vinyasa, and a 30h Anatomy and Assists advanced training with Dylan Werner.

Laughing and smiling is encouraged in Dave’s classes, yet he will ask you to challenge your limits, with the intention of letting your body and mind fly.

 www.daretomove.co.uk | @daretomove

David Kam-at-kindred.jpg

david kam

David Kam is an international movement artist whose curiosity has guided him through a wonderfully non-linear journey comprising a degree in architecture, professional dance training at Trinity Laban and 500 hours of yoga teacher training. Inspired by the multicultural hub he grew up in, the cheerful Malaysian celebrates a social practice which transcends labels of dance, yoga and martial arts to simply encourage others to get back into their bodies as a physical anchor to consider how we can playfully embody mindful living.

Known for his indulgence in creative sequencing towards addressing every corner of the body and mind, David invites you to appreciate the poetics of the in-between to inspire grace and sensitivity in movement through the influence of imagery. David shares his ever evolving practice extensively with warmth and sincerity to communities both in London and abroad, empowering others to rediscover their inner athletic artists.

www.davidkamkiawei.com | @davidkamkw

Emma Peel-at-kindred.jpg

emma peel

When she was young, Emma found herself drawn towards sitting. Her moments emphasised a feeling towards a natural rhythm and peace she could sense inside.

This interest in sitting, grew into a love of observing herself, her mind, body and nature. It is this raw experience of the inner transformation of stillness that fuels her passion for guiding people into their own version of these spaces through Meditation and Yoga.

Emma’s classes focus on gathering an understanding of how our individually bodies move, our minds move, taking her students on a journey that allows practice to move beyond aesthetics and performing but towards feeling and understanding.

Emma initially studied Ashtanga Vinyasa 200hrs in 2011 with Yoga London. In 2013 she trained with The Yoga People in Yin Yoga & Anatomy, Rocket, Tripsicore & Mandala. Emma has since furthered her training with Paul and Suzee Grilley, Sarah Powers and ‘With-YinYoga’ in Yin Yoga, advanced Anatomy, Meditation, Chakra theory and Traditional Chinese Meridian Theory.

With over 900 hours of study, Emma is a registered RYT level 1 teacher with The Yoga Alliance Professionals.

Teaching with passion and love, Emma draws upon her knowledge of the energetic layers of the body, The Chinese Five Element Theory, weaving spirituality and yogic and Buddhist philosophy into all her classes.

www.emmapeelyoga.co.uk | @emmapeelyoga


emma landolt

Emma has had a dedicated yoga practice for more than 10 years.

Her background in dance and Capoeira (teaching both during her twenties) has infused her yoga with the joy of physical movement. She uses this passion to create dynamic, flowing, dance-like sequences, which she guides her students through gracefully, joining the movements with breath and creating a feeling of lightness, ease and deep relaxation for her students. Her love of handstands and inversions brings a sense of fun and play to her practice and her sequencing. Emma completed her 200 hours of teacher training at Sampoorna Yoga India in 2015. Since then she has taught regularly in London and on retreats in India and Colombia and has completed teacher trainings with Patrick Beach and David Swenson. Emma completed her 300 hours of teacher training with The Yoga People in 2017 and this included modules in Rocket Yoga, Yin Yoga and Tripsichore.

Emma uses many Yin Yoga to balance the dynamic and physically challenging Yang style of Vinyasa. She uses methods of intention, philosophy and deep relaxation to calm and focus the mind and deepen the breath. Her classes encourage awareness both mentally and physically, and create a positive, nurturing environment for students to learn, experiment and transform through their yoga practice. Emma’s classes empower students to find their own ideal practice, and thus create their own sacred space which they can return to again and again.

She is also an Interior Designer and has helped Kat and Jules design the Kindred Yoga Studio!

www.sacredspacestudios.co.uk | @sacred.space.studios

Fern Trefla-at-kindred.jpg

fern trefla

Fern is a kind and creative creature who has come to perceive the practice of yoga as energetic artistry. Her teachings stay rooted in traditional philosophy yet she very much embraces a modern approach to working with the physical.

Fern’s work is underpinned with new discoveries in anatomy and natural human movement. Her physical practice is less about holding static poses and more about exploring the spaces in between. You can expect to move through creative sequencing from your bones, build optimised strength and find more space within your body. You will get underneath the skin of the yoga asana, workshop the stuff that doesn't feel right until you come to embody your practice from the inside out.

Fern is passionate in sharing how a regular yoga practice works with the nervous system which can offer truly transformational shifts in how we approach life. Mantra and sound are integrated into the offering as powerful tools to work with the energetic body.

The human body holds incredible wisdom Fern is fascinated by it. Through building an intimate relationship with our human form, we begin to unravel unhealthy patterns within the physical, emotional and mental. When we work openly with the practice, what can emerge is a sense of our true nature as humans, in all our grit, glory and that in bet

www.maisonfish.com | @ferny_t_yoga

Hannah Whittingham-at-kindred.jpg

hannah whittingham

Having put on ballet shoes at the age of two, Hannah has had a somewhat undecided career path. After a teen-hood in the Royal Ballet, a History degree from Cambridge University and a post-grad at The Royal Academy of Music, she spent a few years in the West End before becoming a writer and then a Magiciaʼs Assistant.

Yoga, however, has been her constant. Having initially taken up the practice to deal with severe anxiety and neck tension from singing, it became an integral way of calming an overactive pingpong ball of a mind. Hannah eventually trained in India in Ashtanga Vinyasa, before taking further trainings in Rocket, Mandala Vinyasa and Yin, with The Yoga People. She is also trained in Pilates (with STOTT).

At the heart of her practice is a steady breath, embracing anatomical individuality, and the search for stillness in fluid movements. Yoga is slowly teaching her forgiveness, of herself as much as others, and she tries to inspire this in other people.

Hannah extends huge gratitude to all her teachers, especially Dulce and Jamie, as well as Alaric Newcombe (for keeping the coccyx in check), Emi Tull (for never believing the words ‘I canʼtʼ), Simon Borg-Olivier (for redefining alignment), Marcus Veda (for her intro to Rocket), Carlos Mundalah (for the Shamanic tree hugging) and Stewart Gilchrist, all of whom remind her daily that yoga can change the world.

www.hannahwhittinghamyoga.weebly.com | @hannahwhittinghamyoga


helen russell-clark

Helen believes that the yoga class provides a space for self discovery and mindfulness. For her, yoga came at time when she needed this grounding and she is passionate about sharing the wonderful healing powers of this practice. Her classes draw inspiration from both the strength and structure of the ashtanga vinyasa and also from the playfulness and creativity from an artistic background. With a strong focus on breath and anatomy and the ability to work safely in the asana practice, expect a dynamic class to challenge both body and mind.

Helen has trained with David Kyle, The Yoga People and Yogahaven, giving gratitude to all of her teachers past and present.

www.helenrussellclarkyoga.com | @helenrussellclark

John Collins-at-Kindred.jpg

john collins

John Was introduced to Yoga almost 20 years ago whilst working in America. The wide variety of benefits soon became very clear and the practice continued. Moving through Ashtanga, Jivamukti, Dharma yoga and every Vinyasa, and Power Yoga class around. Some years after beginning he discovered the wonderful Stewart Gilchrist. After many months and many chaturanga’s he decided to undergo Teacher Training with Stewart and has been teaching ever since.

He aims to teach an authentic challenging Yoga class with and emphasis on breath a  smattering of philosophy and good humour.

www.john-collinsyoga.com | @johncollinsyoga

Jonelle Lewis-at-kindred.jpg

jonelle lewis

Be brave, be fierce, be free is Jonelle’s personal mantra and an invitation she extends to everyone who practices with her. An American living in London, Jonelle dabbled with Ashtanga in 2004 when she was pregnant with her daughter Francesca. After a long break from yoga, in 2011 she began practicing with a purpose. While going through a difficult divorce she found her yoga practice really helped her get her life back. It was liberating, invigorating and healing.

In March 2014 she left London behind and went to India to train as an yoga teacher. She trained with The Yoga People run by Dulce Aguilar and Jamie Clarke for her 200 hour foundation course. She’s completed over 800 hours of training and is certified in Ashtanga, Hatha, Hot, Mandala, Qi Gong, Rocket, Vinyasa & Yin yoga. She teaches all over Central and South London.

Her classes are set to an urban sound track which is reflective of her roots and her passion for music, creativity and fluidity in life. From growing up in Philadelphia and living in DC and NYC she brings an international vibration and an authenticity into classes which are edgy and filled with a lot laughter. She enjoys teaching all age groups and firmly believes ‘Yoga is for EVERYBODY’.


Katarina Rayburn-at-kindred.jpg

katarina rayburn

As a physics graduate and trained actress, making the transition to full time yoga teacher wasn't the obvious choice.  However, it was after discovering a strong yang style of yoga in London, and then traveling to India to explore the lighter practice of Sivananda yoga that she realised what an integral part of her physical and mental wellbeing it had become.  She then returned to India a year later to complete her 200hr Yoga Teacher Training in Ashtanga and Ashtanga Vinyasa (Rocket) with The Yoga People, who themselves were taught by Larry Schultz the pioneer of Rocket yoga.  Katarina immediately began teaching yoga full time and by 2017 had completed 500hrs of advanced Teacher Training with her teachers Jamie and Dulce, The Yoga People, in Ashtanga, Rocket, Yin & Mandala Vinyasa.

Katarina's public teaching schedule consists of a mixture of Rocket yoga and the Mandala model in her Vinyasa classes, working closely with chakra and elemental theories. 

Katarina teaches in a number of London studios and retreats worldwide, she is co-owner of Kindred Yoga with her partner Julian.  In summer 2018 Katarina will be co-teaching the 200hr Yoga Teacher Training with The Yoga People.

Katarina is a 500hr, Yoga Alliance approved, Registered Yoga Teacher.

www.katarinarayburnyoga.com | @katarinarayburnyoga

Leon London-at-kindred.jpg

leon london

Leon London's yoga story started 20 years ago, his first practice was with Billy Doyle (BWY), and this was the beginning of a lifelong passion.

Involved in martial arts from a very early age, Leon has always been intrigued by the possibilities and potential of the body, this eventually led him on his journey to study many forms of physical culture; from boxing to capoeira and he became a qualified sports massage therapist in 1999.

Leon has studied Kashmir hatha, vinyasa flow, Ashtanga and rocket/progressive Ashtanga yoga & hot yoga, and practices Dharma yoga.

Leon previously owned his owned his own yoga and fitness studios, where he taught (and still teaches) a fusion of arts inspired by practicing along some of the worlds best practitioners; this includes the unique traditional Indian club training & kettlebells, as well as functional style fitness and movement patterns.

Leon undertook Ashtanga teacher training with David Swenson (primary and second series) then with David Kyle (Ashtanga yoga Puerto Rico), and Jamie and Dulce (The yoga people), he is also an animal flow teacher, fitness and movement coach.

Leon's students enjoy his vast knowledge  of the body gained over 20 years of experience, and the fun, friendly inspiring classes he shares with them. Leon has also conducted 3 successful retreats alongside Ambra Velo.

He continues to teach a committed  following of students both privately and in classes and workshops across London and abroad.

www.leonlondonyoga.com | @leonrocketlondon_

Lita Sattva-at-kindred.jpg

lita sattva

Lita Sattva discovered yoga when she was seventeen. She shared the passion for Yoga with Acting and the latter somehow became the focus. But the practice of Yoga was always present and during the last years she did several types of Yoga.

Yoga progressively took her heart, the daily practice became strong and started to change her life. 2017 was the year when she decided to dedicate full time to Yoga. Lita traveled to India to learn more about Yoga and Yoga teaching, and in pursuit to consolidate a yogic lifestyle.

Lita feels a beautiful journey is just starting and she is keen to bring others aboard by sharing it through teaching.



Headshot BW.jpg

maggie james

Maggie teaches Jivamukti Yoga and aims to share the joy and peace of mind and body that yoga gives her. Coming from a background in engineering management she loves the creative and mindful freedom she experiences in yoga, and is also keen to understand yoga's scientific background and how it can help us. She encourages students to be similarly forever curious, question and try a variety of ways to practice and continue in the direction where they find growth and benefit. In her open level classes you can expect a dynamic and grounding sequence, an inspiring soundtrack, hands on assists and a focus on listening to your body and mind.

Maggie started yoga as a teenager and especially enjoyed the integrative nature of Jivamukti yoga while practicing with Molly Harragin during university. She initially trained with Yogahaven, taught Vinyasa flow and later completed her Jivamukti teacher training with Sharon Gannon in India. Maggie is particularly drawn to yoga as therapy and creative sequencing and continues to study and practice with Doug Keller, Zephyr Wildman, Celest Pereira, Harriet Bone and Amy McDonald.



nathalie mukusheva

Nathalie has been practising yoga since 2000 and teaching full time since 2010. Having received early training in many disciplines including ballet and rhythmic gymnastics she has always considered it a complete privilege to share every bit of knowledge she has acquired alone the path with every student no matter what their level of experience.

For the last 5 years she has practised Iyengar yoga under the guidance of Senior Teacher Alaric Newcombe. This rigorous method with its focus on integration, embodiment and extension has radically informed her teaching and practice and her focus now is on delivering a teaching method that empowers students with the tools to sustain their practice throughout their lifespan with patience, compassion and devotion to all.

www.nathaliemukusheva.com |  @nat_mukushevayoga

Rachel Hall-at-kindred.jpg

rachel hall

Rachel began her journey on the path of yoga after she finished university as a way of dealing with anxiety. She practiced hatha yoga under the beautiful teaching of Sarah Hanks in a lovely community hall in south London. It was here that she learnt the foundations of the yoga practice; the asana (postures) and pranayama (breath work) including the ujjayi breath. During this time, she was doing a lot of running, and trained for the London Marathon.  However, she maintained her yoga practice throughout, even when the hamstrings were screaming out for a break! It was through this experience that she quickly began to realise that anyone can practice yoga even if you ‘can’t touch your toes’.

After a difficult late 20s, she was reunited with Katarina Rayburn, an acquaintance from her sixth form days who became her next teacher and introduced her to the Rocket practice. The rest is history.  Katarina built up Rachel’s strength, constantly reminding her that she can go further than she thinks, in spite of her misgivings about her anatomy and flexibility.

After a long wait, Rachel finally made it on The Yoga People Ashtanga Vinyasa and Rocket training in London. Rachel is passionate about sharing the benefits of yoga with others, in particular men, young people and old people. Rachel is thankful to her teachers: Sarah, Katarina (her guru), Jamie and Dulce and all of her Yoga People training classmates. Rachel is constantly reminded of the truth in the famous words of Pattabhi Jois, ‘keep practicing and all is coming’.


Rebecca Bradley-at-kindred.jpg

rebecca bradley

Rebecca moved to London to pursue a career in Acting and Performance, here she tried her first yoga class and very quickly became hooked. She found herself growing stronger physically and mentally, and soon realised the many benefits of her yoga practice on the mat were soon flowing into her life off the mat. Yoga has helped Rebecca in so many ways, she’s a firm believer that the practice simply has a magical way of making you happier, and wishes to spread that joy through her classes.

Rebecca travelled to the Greek island of Santorini to do her 200-hour yoga teacher training in Vinyasa Ashtanga with Drishti International and since then has completed 100 hours in Mandala Vinyasa, and 50 hours in Rocket with The Yoga People.

Her classes are playful and dynamic. Be prepared to sweat and smile :)

www.yogacarrot.co.uk | @rebeccabradleyyoga


sarah hansen

Initially self-taught as a teenager, Sarah's approach is is deeply rooted in the teachings of T.K.V. Desikachar and the viniyoga tradition; her 1st yoga teacher was viniyoga trained and she spent some years practicing and studying with Tara Fraser. She holds a 200hr diploma from Camyoga as well a further training in pre-natal yoga, post-natal yoga, yin yoga and embodied yoga practices. Sarah's primary focus as a teacher is encouraging her students to find balance, ease, strength and an inner connection. She teaches experiential movement focused on the individual and aims to create a safe and inclusive environment where students can fully explore themselves and inquire within. Sarah loves to teach beginners and has a particular interest in yoga for female bodies, at various points in the life-cycle. She is a passionate advocate for the role pre-natal yoga during pregnancy. Not only for the sense of camaraderie and friendship which develops between students, but also in supporting a healthy, strong, confident pregnancy and labour.

Sarah initially started practising as a means of taking time out from the stresses of college life but quickly became hooked on sense of strength and grounding which her yoga practices gifts her. Since moving from Cambridge to London 5 years ago, Sarah 's yoga practice has become vital; helping her to manage mental, emotional and physical health - a mini retreat from the chaos of London life. When not teaching Sarah works for a charity, as a digital marketer, and volunteers at a women's refuge.



sasha gabbe

Sasha has explored a creative path in life through the expressions of dance, theatre and visual arts, the practice of yoga is a natural continuation of this exploration. Sasha was on a Fine Art degree in the late 1990’s, when she first started going to classes; sometime later yoga became a more in-depth practice and Sasha has been teaching yoga since 2012. Her personal journey into teaching yoga came through a transitional time in her own life; at the end of a 12 year relationship. It was a difficult period and yoga really helped Sasha; so much so that she wanted to share its transformational power and potential to heal with others. Sasha has completed two 200- hour teacher trainings in Hatha yoga with Bharath Shetty, an Indian teacher in Mysore. This was followed closely by a second 200-hour teacher training in Hatha & Ashtanga with respected UK teachers Melanie Cooper & Laura Gilmore; which gave Sasha more practical teaching tools. Since then Sasha has developed an interest in Yin yoga studying 80+ hours with Norman Blair who she regularly assists on teacher trainings and workshops. Sasha has also studied Restorative yoga with Judith Hanson Lassater. Sasha has completed 500+ hours of training with Yoga Alliance. Her own practice includes Ashtanga, Yin and Restorative yoga; to create balance, which is needed for a life lived in London. Sasha is drawn to teaching Yin & Restorative yoga, as it allows time to cultivate spaciousness in the body & mind. Yin yoga is an opportunity to slow down, soften and release. Sasha teaches Yin in a supportive way, with the use of props and encourages a non-striving approach with immersion into feelings and sensations; cultivating a meditative quality to the practice.

www.sashagabbeyoga.com| @sashagabbe

Tom Holmes-at-kindred.jpg

tom holmes

While at university, Tom took up yoga to complement his main sources of procrastination: being in the ocean or up a mountain. Yoga popped in and out of his life for some time, but it wasn’t until he began work in Forestry that the value of silence and stillness become fully apparent. A few years later, having found regular practice and immersed himself in the yoga community, Tom took himself to India, where he completed his Ashtanga Vinyasa training and went on to teach surfers in Sri Lanka. He has since completed a further Vinyasa immersion with Mimi Kuo Deemer and Sacred Energy Arts Qi Gong studies with Sifu Matthew Cohen.

The biggest revelations in his personal practice have come when letting go of the need to be somewhere; achieve a certain pose, feel a specific way, attain whatever goal. Not straining or overreaching for stuff so often allows us to feel and listen to what the body and mind are telling us about our current needs, not wants. Tom encourages this in his classes through Yogic, Buddhist and Daoist philosophies, and flavours the asana practice with mindfulness and Qigong.

www.tomholmesyoga.com | @tomholmesyoga

Toni Osborne-at-kindred.jpg

toni osborne

A love of dance started when I began school at Italia Conti Academy of Performing Arts, Barbican - London in 1987 and I haven’t stopped learning and exploring new ways to enjoy movement ever since.

After many years I reached a time in my life when I felt ungrounded and clouded by anxiety, I lost track of what was important and this is when I found yoga, initially in California and then in various cities worldwide. 

Moving without physical and mental pain and with joy is such a blessing that I decided to share my yoga and take my first teacher training in 2012.

I am eternally grateful to all my teachers since then including Allie Hill, Toni Roberts, Tiffany Cruickshank, Stephanie Snyder, Cherie Lathey, Uma Dinsmore-Tuli, Anna Ashby, Ieva Wildlovebeamer, Jyoti Jo Manuel and Ayala Homossany.

I can help you enjoy how your body moves in a relaxed and playful way whilst building strength and finding balance, learning how to breathe, whilst increasing your awareness of the infinite possibilities open to you. 

My classes are infused with creative sequencing and conscientious alignment understanding that all bodies are completely different. I teach to all levels, ability and requirements and encourage my students to challenge themselves in accessible fun ways believing we grow quickly by allowing ourselves to step into the unknown. By allowing yourself the opportunity of letting go, you allow yourself to start anew, to grow, to set intentions, and to try, surprising yourself with what you discover along the way.

Since giving birth to my son in December 2016 I have been very passionate about helping women stay strong mentally and physically throughout their pregnancies, my pregnancy yoga classes are known for being safe yet dynamic.

The same has been said about my postnatal classes which I am absolutely loving teaching, I get to meet so many wonderful mothers with their babies.

www.toniosborneyoga.com | @toniosborneyoga